SeaBird Is All Set To Welcome Water Sports Season 2017

  • The 2017 Year is about to end, what should I do?
  • Monsoon is about to go now, I need to be at sea this season, but not getting where?
  • This season I am not going to the crowdy beach for sports, is there any peaceful beach there?

If you are coming across such questions in your mind or you are discussing such topics in the group then it means you are a fun freak. You just can’t keep legs shaking from home to office and return. As soon you end up with water fall & trekking in this monsoon you start thinking about the activities in October and further.

As you know Tarkarli is Crown holder for water sports and the mind blowing locations for scuba diving. SeaBird Tourism is all set to welcome here to enjoy this water sports Tarkarli Malvan season 2017. SeaBird who is known as Ace player in Tarkarli which organizes custom water sports activities at Sarjekot beach for a family and big group as well.

Location – Sarjekot beach can be considered as the part of Tarkarli but yet not frequently crowded you can enjoy your water sports activities with full peace and person attention.

Booking – You can reach our site and contact us. As September is just started we have started advance booking which you can avail with decent discounts.

SeaBirdTourism Specialties – 

1)    Parasailing – There is no such happiness other than watching Blue Ocean from the sky, it’s another kind of meditation. SeaBird Tourism offers Parasailing activity with plenty of time to enjoy.

2)    Banana Boat Ride – If your group is adventure lover then banana boat ride is for you, the yellow banana shape boat takes you inside the sea and gives you thrilling diving experience. Trust us, the banana boat ride is the best adventure among all kind of water sports adventure.

3)    Jet Skies – Our mentor will take you on the speedy jet skies and you are just roaring like a king. You get biking experience without any road limitations.

Along with water sports, we also help you with decent accommodation and fabulous food to eat. Tarkarli is also known for fish and we provide you with the best Konkani delicacies. No need to run after your water sports activities as we help you to get all.

October to March is the best season to visit here and enjoy water sports activities in Tarkarli. In the beginning of the season you can experience less rush as the year goes on end it gets totally full.


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