Inner Beauty Lies within The Sea

If we compare all the creation by a human to the things which are readily available in nature there is no point in further discussion. Nature is always beautiful and if we think it has limits we are wrong. It is just limitless, endless. Sometimes we just need to take one step ahead and do some adventure. There are many portions of the world are untouched as they are still beautiful (pun intended).

People who are crazy about water are always seen enjoying swimming, rappelling, playing beside beaches but do you have any idea that there is another world having more peace and beauty. We are talking about the world inside the sea undoubtedly that is tremendously beautiful and divers always love to watch them again and again.

For a regular working person, it very difficult to reach such locations and we just have got to see such glory in movies. But now there is an opportunity for you guys which does not need more money or no traveling abroad. You can enjoy all the beautiful locations sometimes more beautiful than we see in movies in Konkan area of Maharashtra, India.

How to Enjoy Inner Beauty at Konkan

Konkan is one of the blessed natural areas in India which as peaceful sea shore and also has gifted with world’s most popular Alphonso mango. There are many coastal areas in the world but not all of them are blessed like Konkan coastal area. This is the perfect place for you to enjoy the inner coastal beauty with adventure activities like Scuba Diving.

Select A Perfect Beach Location – Tarkarli is one of the most popular beach locations where people can enjoy various under sea activities like sea walk, snorkeling & scuba diving. There is specific Tarkarli scuba diving season generally after September once monsoon gets over. It is very important to choose a best coastal location for such activities.

Hire a Perfect Adventure Agency  – The other most important factor if you really want to cherish your underwater moments then you must have to hire a good adventure agency such as SeaBird Tourism which is popular in Tarkarli/Sarjekot area. Once you are with the perfect agency they will try their best to give you a lifetime experience.

Spending time underwater is as much beneficial as meditation and you can really bless as you have such perfect location around your area. There are many health benefits associated with water activities it improves your blood circulation, makes the body stronger and the most important it reduces mental stress.

Important Things To Keep In Mind –

Adventure is always done with full precaution you cannot be a stunt man in the case of emergency.

1)    If you are having a heart problem or quick panic guy then you must consult with a doctor before you go for such adventure.

2)    You must carry all the required essential especially skin care products if your skin is delicate.
3)    In order to enjoy the activity to fullest, you should at least have some kind of experience, though you will be properly escorted if you are new to swimming.


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