When you are with Seabird Tourism you are going to enjoy every glimpse of a moment spent with us and when it comes to water sports it’s heaven. You have a wide range of lucrative sports activities that you can choose but yes, of course, you must try them all. Every activity is a great experience on its own.

Jet Ski

One of the highly popular and appreciated across the globe, Jet Ski is fun packed water sports activity. It can be said a great combination of speed and water thrill, if you are speedy riders and love to ride sports bike like crazy then this water bike is for you. Assisted with a highly trained mentor you can take control you the bike on your own and just create waves of happiness.

Banana Ride

Famous for its craziness and mind blowing riding experience Banana rides counted as one of the top rates water sports activity. As you’re tied with all safety gears you can enjoy the banana ride even when you are not a swimmer. An entire group of 4-5 people can enjoy this activity together and a speed boat will take you with its own horse power. Once you are in the margin you will be dropped with the noise of thrill. Seabird Tourism offers a banana ride for 4-5 people at one ride and this 10 minutes activity will give you Goosebumps.


Bumper Rides

If you have that guts to hold the tightness in the tubing ride also known as bumper rides then Seabird Water Sports Bumper Ride gives you high five. This ride starts in the air filled tube and you are dragged to the sea by a speed boat and it’s up to you how much strength you have to hold yourself in the tube. You can enjoy this activity on the bumpy waves that are why it is called as bumper rides. You must wear safety jackets and also keep some strength in your heart to enjoy this activity.


Speed Boat

Most of the people think this could not take your thrill up than any other ride but you cannot even imagine the thrill of this high-speed boat roaring like tiger one the waves. Your excitement goes up when you are hands on with your partners and water just kiss you surprisingly. No matter what your age is but speed boat ride is one of its kind which you must give a try. Seabird Tourism offers boat ride at a decent cost for up to 6 people in a single ride.