SCUBA Diving

If anyone is thinking about water sports adventure it always starts with scuba diving and the discussion ends with scuba diving. Still, many people are a bit fearful about diving inside the sea as they don’t have an idea that fear lies inside your until you enter the marine world.

Scuba Diving is not only an adventure sport that raises your heart beat but it also gives you an experience of what it is called an internal peace. If you love to watch some exotic then you cannot miss the entire hidden universe inside this blue water of Malvan/Tarkarli. You will get a chance to see live marine species and a variety of beautiful fish species just passing you silently.

Scuba Diving at SeaBird Tourism

We take you to the marine tour on the untouched beaches of Malvan/Tarkarli which is still away from industrialization exposure. All the marine life is still preserved at these beaches and SeaBird Tourism takes you there.
We offer exciting water sports package which includes Scuba diving where we help to understand the basics of Scuba Diving. You will never get any such affordable scuba diving experience like we offer at SeaBird Tourism. We are there to give you best budget friendly package to meet your financial need.

Quick Training

We always believe in safety and thus we take you to a quick training session to help you understand all the safety measures and how to march further inside the sea. We train you within a short time to take an hour-long time inside the blue Arabian Sea.


One cannot miss the Snorkeling if you are in the coastal areas of Malvan/Tarkarli as you get the best marine interaction here. Snorkeling is considered as one of the breaths taking water sports activity that only helps you interact with marine life inside the blue water but also let you enjoy this activity as like other rides.
We are totally keen about the market competition and business policies thus we offer budget friendly water sports packages. You can visit our website to book your package online and also contact us in cases you need more assistance for reaching Malvan/Tarkarli or need to book accommodation for your stay.

Snorkeling At SeaBird Tourism

If you are excited to take Snorkeling package then there could not be other better option than SeaBird Tourism where excitement meets the pricing and safety. We offer various snorkeling package to suit your demand and also provide all the advance safety. At SeaBird Tourism even first-time divers also need not required worry as we have extremely trained professionals for you.

Quick Training

At SeaBird Training we always ensure the 100% safety of our tourists so they visit us again and again. Our professional diver helps you understand basic things about snorkeling and also they guide so that you can experience this activity with more excitement. Power packed with advanced equipment, SeaBird snorkeling gives you the lifetime experience.