Parasailing / Parascending / Para-kiting

For an adventure, lover sky is the limit and he never gets satisfied with any kind of activity because everybody wants more. If you the sky that much then you must enjoy the most exciting activity in water sports adventure at Malvan/Tarkarli. SeaBird Tourism takes pride to offer you an affordable parasailing activity which gives you immense fun and thrill of flying in the air. Parasailing is one of that kind of activity that start from the boat and your parachute takes you up in the air to give you the unbeatable joy of adventure.

At SeaBird Tourism Malvan/Tarkarli we offer very water sports activity and Parasailing has become one of those high demand activities. You can enjoy the unbelievably beautiful view of the Konkan beach and surrounded by all the green woods which makes it a fantastic combination of colors. Along with you can even enjoy this activity as our riders give you water deep as many as you where your parachute is taken down so that you can deep down in the water and then rise.

Parasailing At SeaBird Tourism

With the highest priority on safety and a keen interest in offering a joyful ride to our customers, we use a highly equipped harness that ensures your connection with parachute and boat. Along with that, we use extremely high horsepower speedboat so that your parachute will rise like an arrow upside the sky.

Special Attractions at SeaBird Tourism Parasailing

  • A special attraction for parasailing at SeaBird Tourism is nothing but the unlimited fun with pocket-friendly prices. Totally relied on customer support for you is our guarantee.
  • You can enjoy every moment since you take off in the air and there will be water dip whenever you wish.

Parasailing Ride Instructions

  • You must be an adventure enthusiastic and love to fly in the air because if you are having such phobia it might be scary.
  • You are required to carry fabric clothing in order to take part in any water sports activity.